7 Japanese Techniques To Supercharge Your Solo Business Journey

7 Japanese Techniques To Supercharge Your Solo Business Journey

Hey there, my hard-working friend!

Running an online business solo can be draining, right? Sometimes you might feel like you just wanna throw in the towel and lounge on the couch. 😴

But, guess what?

Today I Learnt, 7 super cool techniques from Japan that help you shake off that lazy feeling. Here they are, broken down just for you:

1. Ikigai – Finding Your True Calling

  • Think of it as searching for what really lights you up inside.
  • I have tried different things and picked what felt right. I learned about meditation and breathing techniques, also started writing.
  • It’s like when you find your groove, everything just feels right.

2. Kaizen – Baby Steps

  • After figuring out my passion, I planned small tasks to reach it.
  • I love making tiny to-do lists and ticking them off. It’s like mini-victories every day.
  • Remember this cool quote: “Starting is the secret of getting ahead.” – Mark Twain

3. Hara Hachi Bu – Eat Wisely

  • This one’s about eating till you’re kinda full, but not stuffed.
  • I used to eat a lot. But being too full made me lazy.
  • Now, I eat mindfully. And guess what? I feel pumped and ready!

4. Shoshin – Be a Curious Cat

  • Ever watched a child learn? They’re curious and fearless.
  • So, don’t fear mistakes. Just be open to learning and trying.

5. Wabi-Sabi – Embrace the Flaws

  • No, not the spicy wasabi! 😆
  • This is about loving imperfections. We all make mistakes, and that’s cool. Learn from them!

6. Forest Bathing – Nature’s Boost

  • Sometimes, I get my best ideas when I’m outdoors, away from screens.
  • Take a walk, breathe in nature. It’s refreshing.

7. Kakeibo – Be a Money Boss

  • Sounds fancy? It’s just a way to track where your money goes.
  • Think of it as a money diary. It helps spot where you might be overspending.
  • Simple? Yes. Effective? Totally.

Give these a shot and let me know how they work for you. Let’s conquer that tiredness together! 💪😊

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